Eagle Pro – Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad Review

Eagle ProEagle Pro – Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad – HELIPAD FOR REMOTE HELICOPTERS: LAND YOUR HELI STYLISHLY!

Are you an avid remote helicopter pilot as well as searching for something to help practice your landing skills?

Do you ever before fly at night and require somewhere to land your fragile RC helicopter securely at night?

Eagle Pro – Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad – is the perfect option for you! Made from excellent quality plastic, this RC Airport is produced from strong, premium quality plastic, and consists of a main elevated landing platform, 4 side panels and also 4 legs which construct to form a durable lifelike helipad.

It consists of LED lights which brightly light up the RC Airport in the evening, for a clear, secure landing. Besides its’ excellent look, the RC Helipad offers a risk-free, tough landing place for Quadcopters as well as RC helicopters, and could transform any type of soft surface area right into a touchdown place, safeguarding your pricey helicopter remote control from dangerous touchdown areas.

The RC Helipad can accommodate helicopters up to 25″ long, as well as several can be constructed with each other to land larger craft.

– Constructed from high quality plastic; risk-free, solid touchdown area for RC helicopters, quadcopters and drones.
– Personalizable with 33 consisted of stickers, consisting of Urban, Medivac as well as Flying force sticker label layouts.
– 4 high powered LEDs for simple low light touchdowns.
– 4 elevated legs, changing unstable ground right into a solid landing spot.
– 12 month maker’s service warranty and also life time guarantee.

If you’re looking for the suitable product to securely land your RC helicopter, the Eagle Pro Helipad is suitable. Suitable for soft ground as well as reduced light landings, this Helipad is a fantastic present for any avid RC pilot.

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This Eagle Pro – Remote Control Helicopter Landing Pad is the ideal addition to any type of little helicopter or quadcopter collection. Landing on it tests the ability of the pilot and also assists with great eye/hand control. Basic to construct and very easy to customize for individual preference. The legs of the pad can be inserted at various midsts so regarding provide a level surface area to calibrate quadcopter gyros. It’s a hoot!

Good plan. Intelligent and great. For those who have an inferior aircraft, one will do. Nevertheless, you could link multiples to your bigger versions. In addition, it has a variety of sticker to create how you desire along with light. So when you fit as much commitment into trying to have the best, when you do. You never need to put them from sight. No way! You want visitors get you and to view them. Should you journey mode of choice is crash mode. You are able to only use it for show. But they’re quite inexpensive. Consequently get out minis and your nano and exercise indoors.

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  • We offer a 12 month Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked, we look after our customers.
  • Personalize your helipad using the 33 decal stickers included with each helipad. Choose between Urban, Medivac or Airforce as well as a bunch of replica warning stickers.

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Eagle Pro Eagle Pro

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